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Each photo is usually available in a variety of materials that I have selected for their look and feel, quality and durability. Other materials are available on request so don't hesitate to contact me.

Aluminium Dibond®

You can order your prints on 3mm Aluminium Dibond sheets which consist of 2 thin sheets of aluminium and a low density core of polyethylene. It is an extremely durable and sturdy material, yet remarkably lightweight at only 3.8 kg/m2.

Photographs are printed directly to the Dibond sheet using top-notch UV printing technology that ensures an excellent picture quality, combined with long-lasting durability. The prints have a matte finish, with a satin sheen and low light reflection.

Aluminium Dibond photo prints are water resistant, so they can be used outdoors.

Alu DibondAlu DibondAlu Dibond

  3 mm
  Indoor and outdoor
  3.8 kg / m2

Brushed Aluminium Dibond®

This is the same material as standard Dibond plates but comes with a brushed surface.

The grain of the brush strokes in the metal shows through the printed inks, giving a pleasing effect that stands apart from traditional print on a flat and smooth surface.

Horizontal and vertical brushing is available and will be decided upon the photo subject, but you can also decide at the time of your order. The material looks amazing with black & white photos.

Brushed Dibond photo prints are water resistant, so they can be used outdoors.

Alu Dibond BrushedAlu Dibond BrushedAlu Dibond Brushed

  3 mm
  Indoor and outdoor
  3.8 kg / m2


Forex is a lightweight, all plastic sheet material with a core of expanded polystyrene and surfaces of solid polystyrene. In 5mm thickness, Forex weights only 1.13 kg/m2.

Forex photo prints are water resistant, so they can be used outdoors.


  5 mm
  Indoor and outdoor
  1.13 kg / m2


Stadur is a very robust yet lightweight PVC foam sheet in a white protective foil and weights less than 2 kg/m2.

Stadur prints are water resistant, so they can be used outdoors.


  10 mm
  Indoor and outdoor
  1.98 kg / m2


On request

Re-board is a patented rigid paperboard with a unique engineered fluted core. It is incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally strong. The pristine white surface can be digitally printed. This material is made from 100% recycled fibres and is 100% recyclable.

Re-board photo prints are not water resistant, so they can only be used indoors, in dry areas.


  10 mm
  Indoor only
  1.7 kg / m2

Paper & other material

I can also print on various paper types and other material such as acrylic glass plates, wood, PVC tarpaulins, textile and more. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a request for a material or a size that is not available in the shop.


Shadow gap frames and other frame types for paper prints are also available on demand. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to order a photo with a frame.

Print sizes

Each photo is usually available in multiple standard sizes. Size is always displayed in centimeters (cm). If you have a request for a different size, please contact me.

Hanging plates

My prints come, by default, with no wall mounting facility so that you can choose your own method.

You will receive self-adhesive wall mounting plates with each print if you select it as an option before adding the print to your cart. The self-adhesive plates are to be manually applied after you receive your prints, so that you can choose the exact placement depending on your requirements.

Hanging plates


  • Size: 80x80 mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Steel
  • Maximum load: 2.3 kg

The plates are provided in sufficient quantity, based on the print size (usually 1 plate for small prints, 2 plates for bigger prints and up to 3 plates for large prints). You can then mount your print on wall hooks, screws or nails.

 You must make sure that both your walls, screws or nails will support the weight of your prints.

Aluminium profiles

"C" shaped aluminium profiles can be ordered and will be already installed at the back of your print. It adds rigidity to large prints and can be used to hang the print on screws, hooks, etc. I recommend this option for prints wider than 100 cm (60~80 cm for Forex prints). You must select it as an option for each print.

Aluminium profiles


All standard prints are done by my local partner Polygravia, in Lausanne, Switzerland. They work with the highest quality printers (Canon Océ Arizona flatbed), inks (Canon) and materials to ensure you get beautiful and durable prints.

Below is a short introduction video.